Our History

5The Smugglers is steeped in history, which dates back to the days when the bay resounded to the sound of pirates singing as they brought ashore their ill-gotten gains.

The pirates would enjoy a draft or two of the best ales of the day – a tradition that still lives on at the modern day Old Smugglers bar.

Real Ales are another important attraction and each winter the inn organises its popular Real Ale festival. The Smugglers has been part of the landscape since the 17th Century – and has built up a reputation for being country retreat with good food, great ales and a warm and friendly welcome, which will have you returning time after time.

The foundations of the present Inn were first laid as two fishermans cottages reputedly in the 13th century. These fell into disuse and disrepair and it was not until the early 1900’s that the cottages were enlarged and developed . Most of the original granite – work, beams and fireplaces were incorporated into The Old Smugglers Inn.

After the second world war and German occupation, the building underwent further changes and the Smugglers Inn emerged as the popular local hostelry with a worthy reputation for its good food and fine ale.